Hi, my name is Vicki.

I am on a journey of learning to be a good girl.

July 17, 2008

What Vicki likes ...

I read recently, on another blog, something that really hit home :

Oh, girlfriends, you are so fortunate to be a totally queer sissies. You never have to worry about getting pussy, because *you are* the pussy! You don't fuck, *you get fucked*!

Vicki wants to be that pussy, it's all she can think about - to be Daddy's cum extractor, to dress (or undress) to please him. To offer her body for his pleasure, and not expect anything in return, to beg to satisfy his manly needs.

I need to feel that girlie, to feel him fill me up with his cock, to taste his cum and beg for more. Knowing that every drop will make me feel even more girlie and eager to please ...

I love putting on my makeup now, Daddy has pretty specific tastes, knowing that I'm making myself pretty for him, to arouse him ...

Most of all, I want to be a perfect little slut for him - I find I have no desires greater than making Daddy happy - it's amazing!


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