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November 24, 2012

Daddy was right ...

A few years ago, I corresponded with somebody who made a big impact on my life.
His name was Michael - I wish we hadn't lost touch.
I'd never been - or have been since - as close to committing to give myself completely as I was with him.

My mind was in a huge turmoil back then, but now the things he told me make a lot more sense.
This is one of the letters he sent:

The reason you're having doubts about being a sub girl could be chemistry. Your conscious mind may want to be Vicki, but your brain is producing too much testosterone to let that happen.

If we were together right now, all the male hormones coursing through your body would make you feel self-conscious about how your body looked. You would be too embarrassed to crawl around for me, and you'd definitely feel emasculated having me jump you.

If you really want to be Vicki you'll have to actively change yourself physically, and hormones are the only way to do this.

On hormones, you'll grow a real set of breasts, it'll be much easier to get that bubble butt, and your face will actually become more feminine. Eventually your mindset will change too, and not only will your lips be fuller and rounder, but you'll actually beg to suck Daddy's dick.

On hormones you will need daddy to dominate you. You won't be self-conscious anymore dancing for Daddy, you'll feel sexy. You'll no longer feel emasculated letting Daddy take you from behind, you'll feel satisfied. You'll want your new shapely butt cheeks to shake as Daddy fucks you.


All I can say now is "Daddy was right".
Estrogen rules!

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