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December 6, 2012

Musing ....

Laying on my bed, alone, not in the best of moods. Why not update my blog, right? :)
It's been a long day at work and it's good to come home and change into something more comfortable and relax for a while. Guess it would have been even better if Daddy had been here, but, alas .....
Did my monthly check of my budding breasts tonight, they've definitely grown again!! :) Yay !!
I did get 2 new bras for them :), wearing one now actually. I love how a good bra can really give them shape, and how the bra kinda hugs them :)
My breasts are pretty sensitive, and a bra helps with that too. Plus they're pretty, what's not too like?

Feel better now :)

Think I'll take off my top and get a better look and feel ...

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Boobie Faggot said...

Vicki, i just love reading about your growing breasts. Boobies are such an important part of being a dick doll. I can't read enough about them growing and how they feel and what kind of bras you have and how you play with them.