Hi, my name is Vicki.

I am on a journey of learning to be a good girl.

November 18, 2008

More changes ... for the better ...

Well ... things are looking up !

I believe I may have found another man to give me the push and direction I need.
We're going to call him 'Master', as per his request.

Master has already provided me with some guidance on improving this little sissy slut :)
1. Butt plug from lunch to end of work, and from 7 to 10 pm
-- I've gotten out of this habit a while ago, but eager to get back to this wonderful daily feeling :)
2. Clear lip gloss to be worn at home at all times
-- just love to run my tongue along my glossy lips
3. Panties all the time, never be out of panties unless in the shower - on 24/7/365
-- I love my panties, you know, so that won't be that difficult
4. Wear red lipstick at least 10 minutes a day - even if I have to stand in the bathroom to do it.
RED IS A MUST FOR SISSY SLUTS and he wants me to start to "crave" red lips.
-- mmmmmm :) see rule 2 ...

I feel very lucky to have been given this chance to improve myself again :)
Thank you, Master !


November 13, 2008

Ch Ch Changes ....

Guess that wasn't very nice of me, my previous post was a little short on info ....

Anyway, I have not seen or heard from 'daddy' for a few months now, and frankly I just can't wait any longer - life is short and girls (especially this one) just wanna have fun.

I've had quite a few discussions with other eligible gentlemen, but somehow most of them just don't seem to pan out. My guess is that I'm not the only one with that problem - fantasies are one thing but when push comes to shove (don't know why .. but that phrase somehow got me thinking about something else entirely) the vast majority of men seem to not be able to really follow through or just disappear completely. How rude is that ? I may be a submissive little slut, but I have feelings too, you know ....

Anyway, back to square one for now - any good strong men out there looking for a good little girl to take care of their needs ?


November 11, 2008

Early November already ....

Well, first of all, my apologies to my readers for the lack of updates over the last few months. Things are changing for Vicki.