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I am on a journey of learning to be a good girl.

January 8, 2010

Happy 2010 ...

Well, a new year, maybe a new start for Vicki.

It's amazing that I've got more than 100 followers of this little blog - and I'm hoping that at least some of those are actually interested in my thoughts and adventures.

Speaking of adventures, life has been a bit boring lately, all these holidays over the last few months appear to have kept potential daddies as well as myself very busy, so no fun stuff to share so far this year.
Bummer! :(
On the upside, I have been corresponding with a new man for the last week or so, he's put my psyche back where it belongs, thinking only of pleasuring a man .....

2009 - the year in review :
  • Daddies met in real life : 2 (not including casual meetings, only those I really tasted)
  • Daddies met online : 3 (not including one liners, only those I had serious discussions with)
  • Panties purchased : 12
  • Bras purchased : 5
  • Skirts purchased : 7
  • Shoes purchased : 3 pair
  • Stockings purchased : 1 pair
  • Dildos and buttplugs purchased : 2
  • and lots of makeup, lipstick, skin care products

One of my favorite pictures of the year ...

New story coming soon too ... anyone interested ?



sissycrissi said...

I just luv the pic . . . definitely one of my favorites too!

Chaste Hubby said...

Very interested in what you have to say and in your upcoming story. Thanks for creating and maintaining your blog!

Anonymous said...

VERY interested

greenhawk46 said...

terrific stuff, love your blog posts and sexy photos xxxx Jim

Alison said...

Love this!

Snowman34 said...

Yes, very much interested. Love your blog.