Hi, my name is Vicki.

I am on a journey of learning to be a good girl.

November 3, 2009

Breakfast in bed ...

Like every morning, I wake early and carefully roll out of bed, making sure not to wake Daddy, still sleeping soundly. You've got a busy day ahead and needs your rest. I quickly grab a pair of panties and a nighty and quietly run down to the kitchen to start the coffee.
While that is brewing, I have time for a quick shower, Daddy like his girl to be clean and smooth at all times. I wash my hair and body, making sure I'm squeaky clean everywhere, do a quick touchup on any stray hairs (not many of those anymore, it seems the hormones are helping a lot with that), dry off, do my face care and moisturize the rest of my body - feels so nice ... A little bit of pink lip gloss, just to keep my lips nice and soft, a dusting of powder, slip into my panties and nighty, and hurry back into the kitchen to start breakfast.

Daddy has an important meeting today, major clients from out of town, and you've told me that you'd be expecting a good hearty breakfast in bed this morning. I love breakfast in bed with Daddy. While your sausages are cooking, I toast a couple of slices of wheat bread and peel an orange for myself. Daddy says it helps enhance my butt and keeps me nice and slim. A few more pieces of toast for Daddy go in the toaster, and I eat my breakfast while your eggs are cooking. Checking the clock, I see that I've timed it perfectly, 2 minutes before Daddy has told me to wake him up. I put your breakfast on a tray, and run back to the bedroom.

Just as I walk back in, Daddy starts to stir and I quietly crawl into bed with you. I love to snuggle up to Daddy as he wakes, such a strong masculine contrast to my femininity. I put my hand gently on your half hard cock and softly kiss his cheek to wake him. 'thank you, baby', you say, 'go get breakfast for me now'. I run back to the kitchen, hearing you in the bathroom, pour a cup of coffee and some juice and bring those and the tray back to the bedroom, just as you're getting comfortable again, propping some pillows up against the headboard, so you can sit and enjoy your breakfast. I stand beside the bed with the tray, and when you're settled, you take it from me and start eating. I wait patiently beside the bed, and after a few bites you reach out and pat my butt 'good girl, it's very good'. At the same time you adjust your body a little and spread your legs, and with a little flick of your head point me towards your cock.

It's the signal I've been waiting for, and I eagerly crawl up on the bed between Daddy's strong legs and gently start kissing your manhood. As you continue to eat your breakfast, I start sucking your cock in earnest, feeling it grow hard in my mouth. I look up at you, and you smile back at me, reaching out to give one of my breasts a quick squeeze, then you push my head back down, almost making me gag on your by now really hard cock. I know you don't want to cum while you're still eating, so I close my eyes and just continue to gently suckle that cock I love so much.

Finally I hear you put your silverware down, so I pause while you move the tray and get a little more comfortable. I feel Daddy's hand on the back of my head, grabbing a handful of my hair, pushing me back down - time for me to get serious about your cock. I wrap one hand around the base of Daddy's manhood and fondle your balls with the other, sucking hard while my tongue rubs you up and down. You taste soooo good !
I can't help moaning with delight, 'mmmmmmmmm', bobbing up and down, licking, squeezing and sucking. I can barely hear you say 'good girl, Vicki' as your breathing gets a little heavier, feeling your balls start to tense. That's the sign for me, I want to taste Daddy's cum so bad, and I redouble my efforts. As I feel the first squirt hit the back of my throat, I feel Daddy's hand holding me down, keeping my lips tightly around the head of your dick, (don't want to get the sheets dirty) I suck and lick until every last drop is gone. Finally I glance up at you, and see you smiling back at me 'good girl, Vicki', as I swallow the last little bit, and lay my head on your stomach, feeling you gently caressing me. I'm such a lucky girl. ' I love you, Daddy'.
After a few minutes, you tell me it's time to get up and I reluctantly move from between your legs, get up from the bed, grab your dirty dishes and head to the kitchen to clean up. As I finish washing the dishes, I hear you in the shower, wishing I was in there with you ... Instead, I run back to the bedroom and lay out Daddy's clothes for the day. You've got an important meeting so I get out your new dark blue suit, white shirt, and a nice tie. Daddy always looks so handsome all dressed up. Makes me so proud to be your girl. As I'm grabbing some underwear, socks, shoes and belt for you, the bedroom door opens and you come back in, all freshly showered. You look approvingly at the clothes I have picked out for you, give me a little pat on the butt, and start to get dressed.
I sit down on the edge of the bed, watching my Daddy, your taste still in my mouth, satisfied knowing Daddy's cum is in my tummy. Pretty soon it's time for you to head off to work. I grab your car keys and wallet off your dresser and hand them to you as you start to move towards the door. 'Have a great day, Daddy', I say as you grab my ass one last time before heading out, 'I love you'. 'Be a good girl today for me, Vicki, I just may have a surprise for you when I get home tonight ...'. 'Of course, Daddy, always' I say sincerely, smiling and moving my body as close to you as possible, you reach around and grab both of my butt cheeks, hard, and give me a soft kiss on the lips. I feel like such a lucky girl to have a Daddy like you!



sissycrissi said...

Mmmm, very nice Vicki. If only every day could start like that . . .

Anonymous said...

That is the way it should be for all sissies!

greenhawk46 said...

the problem is...once I kissed you, I'd be late for work xxx Jim