Hi, my name is Vicki.

I am on a journey of learning to be a good girl.

March 5, 2009

Alone again ...

Every time I think things are looking up, I get brought back down to earth - these men just don't stick around. A little fun here and there, but anything beyond a 'date' or two seems to be too much.
I may be a sissy dick doll, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate being appreciated .....
Just like any other girl, I appreciate drinks, dinner and conversation. I love hearing compliments and feeling pretty and desirable.
I work hard at trying to look my best, probably way more than a real girl does (only because they tend to have a genetic advantage).

I'll keep moving along, enhancing my femininity as best as I can - patiently waiting for the man I know is out there .... one that will be able to bring out the 'good' girl in me, and let me truly express my innermost self.