Hi, my name is Vicki.

I am on a journey of learning to be a good girl.

July 17, 2008

What Daddy likes ...

He loves a girl that knows how to really suck cock. He loves fucking a hot, tight ass and the thought of a completely feminized sissy that is dressing as he wishes and then trying to extract the maximum amount of Daddy sperm....that is about as good as it gets.

Daddy does know what he wants - and what is the most amazing, and the most fabulous, is that he can somehow sense that is what I really need.

One of his first directions was for me to start some anal training. He had me go buy a buttplug, and wear it as much as possible. I have it in now - and does it ever feel good!

Also, I've started wearing panties fulltime now, soft sensuous sexy panties. They really help, along with the plug of course, keep me in the right space in my mind - that space where all I can really think about is Daddy, pleasing Daddy.

Of course, a good girl keeps herself presentable at all times. So ... no more of that ugly hair on my body, Daddy likes it soft and smooth. It feels so good too, shaved legs are wonderful!


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Anonymous said...

Love your blog. I hope you keep us informed of your progress with Daddy. And more pics would be great.