Hi, my name is Vicki.

I am on a journey of learning to be a good girl.

September 21, 2010

Good morning, Daddy!

It's early in the morning. Wearing nothing but a cute little babydoll, I'm cooking breakfast for Daddy, when you come up behind me.

You pull my hips back and hold your body close to mine, I can feel your hard cock pressing up against the small of my back. It's long, very hot, and pounds with the beating of your heart.

You slide your hands around from my hips to the my ass, cupping the soft smooth cheeks in your hands. You give it a gentle squeeze followed by more soft kisses up and down my neck.

You notice a container of Crisco that I'm using to make your breakfast, sitting open on the counter by the stove. Still standing behind me, you reach over and pick up a couple fingers full of it. With my body facing the stove, I turn my head to the side to look at what Daddy has just picked up. My hand still on the frying pan handle, I know what Daddy has in mind, and I stay put.

With a few strokes, Daddy's big dick is completely greased up, making it shiny and very slippery. You look down at my round butt, the crack is perfectly lined up with the glistening hard cock above it.

You slowly bend your knees to lower your rockhard cock into position. It's pointing up, and the tip is just kissing my tightly puckered hole. You slowly stand up, easing your cock into me. I gasp and close my eyes in delight, not moving, frozen with pleasure as Daddy's huge dick slowly creeps inside me.

When you're all the way in, the thick base of your cock is pressed tightly up against the rim of my pussy. The entire shaft is in, just pulsating.

I grasp the handle of the frying pan tightly in my hand as my body shivers in bliss. The aroma of the sizzling bacon continues to fill the air. You take in a deep breath and my heels lift off the ground slightly. You could pick me up using just your cock if you wanted to.

You feel the connection between us, both physically and emotionally.. The intense love we share is expressed as we both clench our buttocks hard. Daddy is clenching his to force all the blood he can into his raging hard penis, making it as big as possible inside me. I clench mine to make my pussy as tight as I can for Daddy's dick, intensifying his pleasure.

As you slowly start to fuck me, I continue to clench tight, making sure Daddy knows how much I appreciate his attention, and wanting to make sure he knows how happy it makes me to give him pleasure.

My eyes still closed, I find myself instinctively pushing back towards you, slowly moving back so that my hands can rest on the edge of the kitchen counter, giving you even better access to my tight little pussy. I gasp as you push in even harder ... "yes, Daddy", I whisper, "take me !"

You grab my hips with your strong hands and start fucking my ass in earnest, driving your wonderful cock in deep inside with each thrust forward, while I'm alternating between clenching and relaxing - allowing you to go as deep as you want and trying to provide my Daddy with as much pleasure as possible.

The sound and smell of bacon starting to burn suddenly makes me realize I've forgotten to take the pan off the burner."your breakfast, Daddy, your breakfast". Keeping your dick deep inside my ass, you stop thrusting just long enough for me to remove the bacon from the pan. I turn off the stove and return to my previous position, leaning my hands on the kitchen counter.

"I'm sorry, Daddy", I whisper, bowing my head.

"Why ?"

"For almost burning your breakfast and interrupting your pleasure, Sir"

"Present, girl !" you say a little sternly. With that I lower my head to the counter and arch my back as much as possible, presenting my round butt to you as best as I can.

I know what to expect, yet when that first swat stings my cheek I still let out a little gasp. My butt hole clenches, squeezing your hard cock still inside me, which I know is one of the reasons you love to spank my butt while you fuck me. Three more times your hand swats my butt cheeks, then I feel your hands gently rub the redness, before getting another good grip on my hips.

"Thank you, Daddy" I whisper softly

"Good girl" you say, while starting to thrust your cock inside your girl once more.

"Fuck me hard, Daddy, please fuck me hard" I gasp, feeling your manhood driving into me.

With that I feel your cock tensing and your hands grip my hips even tighter, sensing you are about to cum, I squeeze my pussy as much as I can.


"Give it to me Daddy" I say, as I feel your cum filling my insides. "Thank you, Daddy!"

As you slowly pull out, I reach over to the toybox on the counter to pull out one of my buttplugs and, as always after a good fucking, push it up my pussy to keep your cum inside. Satiated, you lean up against the counter, while I grab a clean washcloth from the cupboard. After getting it wet with some warm water, I squat in front of you and gently wash your beautiful cock and balls, probably lingering more than necessary. When I'm done, I softly kiss the tender head of your dick ... "Thank you, Daddy, I love you"

You pat me on the head, and allow me to get up.

You give me a quick kiss on the cheek and say "Good girl, Vicki, I'll have that breakfast now".

As you walk back to the bedroom, I get back to your breakfast - my plug constantly reminding me of you as I prepare your breakfast in bed ...



Fran Avatar said...

Mmmmm..... very sexy! What a wonderful set of images you make with your words...

Thank you for sharing!


greenhawk46 said...

lovely way to start the day xxx Jim

Lexi said...

that made my panties wet...

Anonymous said...

MMMMMMmmmmmm, that was sooo nice & it made me hot for some cock. Thankfully, I'm on a break right now. Now, I'll have to end my break & go & entertain the 2 black guys my Mistresses invited over to the house this weekend to be serviced by me. mmmmm, I'm hungry for some more hard black cock!!!!