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September 15, 2008

My favorite fantasy ...

Sitting at home last Sunday - all dressed up and feeling o so sexy and submissive - flipping through the channels on TV, saw there was a footbal game on.

Being the girl that I really deep down am, sports like that just seem incredibly boring, but it did remind me of my very favorite fantasy ....


It's a Sunday afternoon, Daddy has been out working in the yard all morning while he has had me spend my time getting ready for this afternoon.
I've showered, shaved (feels soooo good to be all nice and clean and smooth all over), put my makeup on - made sure it's all perfect - and dressed according to Daddy's wishes. His favorites, my black bra and panty set, garterbelt and stockings, short grey skirt and a really soft wool sweater - sort of the 'girl-next-door' look. Most of my hair in a ponytail, keeps it out of the way. Pink lipstick to match my recently manicured finger nails.

Today is football game day.
While Daddy takes his shower, I'm in the kitchen - like a good girl - preparing some snacks and then setting up his "Daddy chair" in the living room. His comfy chair, angled so he can see the TV unobstructed, with some pillows for him to get real comfortable, a small table next to it, and a big pillow in front of it on the floor for me :)

I just love football game day.
Daddy does too. After he's all settled in his chair, and I've gotten his beer and snacks, he turns on the TV and nods for me to settle in at his feet.
Licking my lips, I unbuckle his belt, unzip his pants, quivering with anticipation of tasting what's inside, gazing up into his eyes as I wrap my lips around Daddy's cock, teasing it with my tongue and fondling his manly balls ..
He's taken a lot of time to show me what he likes, so I know how Daddy likes his dick sucked and I do just that ... lots of lips and tongue ... a little hand jerking off as I keep him wet, hard and thick ... grip his hard shaft and squeeze ... knowing that eventually a clear drop will slide from the top ... I extend my tongue and lick his velvety head ... lick and taste in anticipation of having a little snack of my own ... getting him to lose control and fill my mouth.
I love the fact that I can take hours to really make Daddy happy - I forget about the game playing on TV behind me, except when his team scores and his dick inadvertently gets rammed down my throat - when he wants me to take a short break, I love laying my head on his leg, gently sucking on his manly balls, squeezing and fondling his dick with my hands.

By now it's half-time and when he needs a bathroom break, I know exactly what to do. First make sure he's not run out of snacks, or needs another beer, then fix my makeup. Daddy always wants it to look perfect, and my lipstick usually needs replenishing often. Finally I get a clean, wet and warm washcloth and wash Daddy's privates while he sits back down in his chair. He quickly inspects my makeup, then has me take off my sweater and skirt, leaving me dressed in just his favorite lingerie, he nods approvingly and tells me to get two more beers, but just leave them on the coffee table for now.
He nods for me to get back to my pillow, and I eagerly sit back down - a little more selfconcious, without my clothes - but just so happy to please him.

As I get back to the task at hand, Daddy reaches into the drawer of his little table and pulls out my collar that he keeps there. He gently puts it around my neck and attaches the short chain leash to the hook under his chair and locks it in place. It always feels amazing, even though I would stay at his feet without it, being locked in place really makes me feel even more like his little plaything - there to keep him happy.
Next, he pulls out a blindfold, and gently buckles that around my head, tells me what a good girl I am and how proud he is of me. I feel his hand on the back of my head as he pushes me back down onto his manhood. he takes in a bit of the chain leading to my collar and locks it back in place, effectively ensuring that my mouth can not leave his dick - I'm in heaven...

As the game is about to get started again, I can barely hear the knock at the door. I feel daddy shift a little in his chair, getting more comfortable, and hear a quick shout - "door's open".

I just LOVE football days .......



Anonymous said...

You can't be done writing so soon! You're stories are truly inspiring. Keep going!

Anonymous said...

I is just about the exact same fantasy as mine! Good job.

Anonymous said...

You sound like such a perfect little sissy slut! Your daddy is one lucky man

Anonymous said...

sucking while he watches his team playing football... oh my, sounds lovely ;)