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I am on a journey of learning to be a good girl.

January 11, 2014

Football .... an aphrodisiac ?

It's Saturday afternoon, just got done with my shower.
Football game on TV, Seattle playing New Orleans.
I'm imagine my Daddy is a Seahawks fan, so I hope they win :)

In case you're curious, this is one of the things I think about, every time there's a game on.

Like I said, just got out of the shower. All nice and clean, and smoothie :)
From a previous life I remember what a non event that was. Turn it on, jump in, wash my hair, maybe shave, dry off. Done.
It's a lot more involved nowadays ... even showers are different for girls :)
I enjoy the process a lot, a little special time just for me.
First I lay out a nice big fluffy towel, and some clean panties for when I'm done.
After undressing, I always take a few minutes to check my body. Any stray hairs on my legs? Do my underarms need shaving and is my bikini area still nice and smooth?
Rub my hands and fingers over my legs and body. That's probably not necessary, but it does feel good :)  Only then do I turn the shower on.
Once it's all nice, hot and steamy, I just love getting in and feeling that water on my skin. Feeling it run down my body, caressing me from head to toe. Little water fingers on my back, running over my butt and down my legs :)

Seahawks up by 16 at halftime :)

Back to my shower ....
I still start by washing my hair, then shaving. Touch up any areas that I noticed needed attention. Since its Saturday, it takes a little extra time, been slacking off during the week :(
First my pits - sorry if that's TMI - and today also my lower legs. Get it all lathered up with some shaving cream, then get rid of any hair I can find.
Today my privates needed some attention too. Perhaps you cam imagine, it's pleasantly erotic to lather there, make sure it's completely covered. Then rub it up and down, just to make sure :)
Running the razor over that sensitive skin, checking to make sure it's smooth, all over. Rub on some more shaving cream and do it again, just to make sure. Run the razor down between my legs, all the way back. Feeling to see if I missed any spots at all :)

Next is more body care, my loofah and some nice body wash, keep my skin smooth.

Guess it's obvious by now why showers take so much longer for girls.

Forgot to mention how wonderful it feels to gently wash myself. One of the many things I love love love about having more and more female hormones is the way my skin feels so much softer and sensitive. Just wonderful!
Another, of course, are the breasts :)
I'll admit that my boobies are probably the cleanest part of my body, they always seem to get a lot of attention when I'm in the shower ;)
I do love being a girl!

After drying off, I moisturize everywhere. Another opportunity to rub myself down :)
Yes, I do love being a girl!

I do wish Daddy was here though, it's football day and I need his cock in my mouth ....

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